11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 2]

11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 2]

11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 2]


Hi Beauty Fam!

If you’ve read Part 1 of our blog post, here are our other 5 tips to make sure our skin and body look young, smooth, and gorgeous.

7. Optimize nutrient levels:

Food is our best medicine! All we need for a healthy and long life is found in nature. Ever heard of antioxidants? Well, they're not in magic (chemical) pills, they're all located in foods, roots, herbs, and spices! (Did you know our cookies are RICH in antioxidants?).

8. Have a diet rich in Omega 3:

This supports metabolism, weight loss, and a more hydrated (this younger and thicker) skin.

9. Fix gut imbalances:

An unhealthy gut may affect the appearance of the skin causing issues such as spots and inflammation. Scientific research proves that daily intake of collagen peptides or bone broth (naturally collagen-rich) restores and maintains a healthy gut function. 

10. Eliminate food sensitivities:

Consuming food that our body is sensitive to causes our skin to have an inflammatory response such as chronic acne and digestive issues.

11. Eat less processed foods and sugar:

Reducing the intake of processed foods and sugar decreases the amount of insulin our body releases causing oil and acne production.

All these little tips that if applied every day can make a huge change. Beauty Treats are a big support in providing you a daily clean snack as they are packed with the needed antioxidant foods and anti-age supplements.
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