11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 1]

11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 1]

11 Hacks To Help You Look Younger [Part 1]

Hi Beauty Fam!

Beauties, we all want our skin to be looking its best so here are 6 out of 11 ways to treat our skin (the other 5 will be coming in the next article).

1. Drink plenty of water:

We never read this enough: Water keeps the body hydrated, essential to maintain the skin’s elasticity.

2. Use sunscreen:

Using sunscreen prevents skin discoloration from sunburn, melasma as well as red spots and faster skin ageing.  

3. Eliminate toxic skin products:

The more chemicals in your products, the more harm you are doing to your skin! Avoid sulfates, colorants, parabens, and all weird long absurd names you can't reconnect to natural products, as these usually are pure toxins for the skin and just help it to age faster. You actually go healthier by going cheaper, buying natural products or even just coconut oil, great for the skin hydration. 

4. Reduce stress levels:

We already know how stress is bad for anything in our lives. Well, stress is also one of the primary causes for acne or ageing related issues. 

5. Get a good night’s rest:

Scientific research shows how our sleep supports the boosting of our GH hormone (hormone growth that keeps us young and fit) as well as the regeneration of our cells and clean up of toxins.

6. Exercise and sweat regularly:

Exercise increases blood flow and sweating helps to release toxins and impurities.

All these are little tips that applied every day make a huge change. Beauty Treats are a big support in providing you a daily clean snack as they are packed with the needed antioxidant foods and anti-age supplements.
See you in the next article with Part 2!
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