We are here to serve your beauty-full needs. Our collagen cookies are the all in one solution for every woman that wants to take care of her nutrition and beauty at the same time.

Beauty Treats' aim is to provide a quality product that is tasty but healthy and nutritious too. A product that goes above all fast food trends, that is honest in its ingredients and nutrition facts. One stop solution to enhance your beauty and youthfulness.


Our founder is Chiara Seidenader, a passionate Italian-Austrian living in Dubai since 2018. Her bread and butter have always been communication and marketing, wellness and nutrition.

As a sweet tooth person, Chiara has always been struggling to find the right snack that is not packed in calories, unnecessary sugars and chemicals, that keeps her satiated enough or that she could bring along in her busy work schedule.

With the first signs of aging, she started digging more into natural ways to slow down this process, trying to fight the standard “botox look”.
Collagen has been the supplement that has given her more visible results in the firmness and glow of her skin, but also in the right support to her muscles and joints for her active lifestyle. Collagen was a great aid also in recovering her gut health after she was diagnosed with a principle of Crohn's disease in a very stressful time of her life. 

Why not combining a natural low-calorie snack with a powerful anti-aging supplement then?

Beauty Treats' aim is to come as a practical snack solution ''on the glow'' to support all busy working women like her. It is a product that comes from a woman to all women, that wants to inspire to enhance each own's natural beauty, encouraging to avoid (or at least delay!) expensive and unnecessary surgeries, fillers and botox. Prevention rather than treatment is the key. Beauty that start from within, because it's the way we eat that keeps us youthful.

You can find more about Chiara's daily life on @chiara.seidenader.


Our cookies are packed with ingredients that you'd find in a kitchen, not a chemistry lab. Every day our pastry chefs freshly bake the collagen cookies following the recipes created by Chiara. Allergen sterilization is made prior to production and all ingredients are carefully selected and assembled in safety. 


Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin, giving it strength and shape. It also promotes the health of hair, nails and joints. It is a naturally occurring protein peptide in our bodies that diminishes with age. This gradual loss of the protein causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin. Lack of collagen also affects the body’s joints, causing discomfort as we develop in age.
Studies show that a daily intake of collagen powder taken as an oral supplement is a great way to replenish the body natural's loss. 

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