Why Eating Healthy is NOT Enough

Why Eating Healthy is NOT Enough

Why Eating Healthy is NOT Enough


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We’re sure you know that the best way to set you up on a clean diet is a nutrition full of whole foods and unprocessed ingredients without dyes nor additives. 

Still, no matter how clean your diet is, due to our lifestyle, the way foods are processed and produced today, the amount of time it takes for those foods to reach your kitchen, the number of nutrients and
the quality of nutrients our bodies absorb is greatly reduced. 

This is why sometimes our blood values witness important nutrients lack (vitamins, and minerals) and we have periods of lower energy and focus. 

How good is the nutrients absorption you have? 

The best way is to integrate supplements in our nutrition. Here below is my vital supplements pack to take consistently on a daily basis for the rest of your lives: 

-fish oil
-vitamin D

All in their most bioavailable form.

How to choose the best ones?

To find supplements with nutrients in bioavailable forms, look for vitamins produced by clinical companies. When supplements are produced with nutrient preservation in mind, the delicate aspects of nutrients are preserved.

For example, pro-resolving mediators are commonly unavailable nutrients in fish oil that give your immune system a break and provide various benefits to how efficient your body functions. Making sure you are making the most of the nutrients you absorb is vital as individuals with the proper omega index live 3-5 years longer than those who are deficient.

Your immune response, recovery speed, level of inflammation, metabolism, skin cell regeneration, etc, all rely on the quality of the essential daily nutrients you absorb. 

From the most classic taste to healthier flavours, all of our cookies are carefully packed with superfoods to boost your energy and immune system, and with your daily required amount of collagen to keep your youth and beauty glowing.

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