How Collagen Helps Us Absorb Nutrients

How Collagen Helps Us Absorb Nutrients

How Does Collagen Help Us Absorb Nutrients?


Hellooo Beauty Treats fam!  

Did you kno that collagen helps with nutrient absorption? 🤔

A lot of us experience digestive issues every month. 

Sometimes, as we experience digestive issues, we end up absorbing fewer nutrients.  This happens when good nutrients escape through the intestinal lining.  

However, studies have shown that collagen supports gut health, which prevents nutrient loss and improves your body’s ability to absorb more nutrients and heal faster.

Let’s face it, ladies, we go through so much to ensure that we are eating the right things, and balancing our diets, so why risk losing any of the nutrients we are putting into our bodies?  

Here’s a “fun” fact about me:

At the end of 2020, I was going through such strong abdominal pain and after endless visits, I was diagnosed with a principle of Chron’s disease. No matter the treatments I was given the pain never totally went away.

So I started doing my own research and studies on what could be the natural ways to support my inner intestinal health and by taking collagen in a consistent way it finally went away.

I cannot claim collagen to be the pure miracle for my situation (that could have been related to many other factors such as stress and others) but it definitely accompanied me along the way ;) 

Here’s how you can add more collagen
into your diet to improve nutrient absorption:

1. Collagen powder or pills 

2. Bone broth (shop here for your broth and cookies!)

3. Broth infused smoothies

4.  Collagen snacks and drinks 

Our collagen cookies were designed to help you maintain a healthy gut and to keep those well-earned nutrients.

Here’s to nutrient absorption! 

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How Does Collagen Help Us Absorb Nutrients?

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