Collagen: Why The Celebrities Love it & You Should Too

Collagen: Why The Celebrities Love it & You Should Too


Today we are flying to Hollywood for a quick dream trip!  

As you might have noticed, collagen has become a real trend lately, which is why there are many celebrities in Hollywood who swear by it, making them feel and look younger and healthier.  

1. Jennifer Aniston – The all “Friends” star once shared that she takes collagen every morning, which is what gives her a “healthier glow”.

2. Kate Hudson – Movie actress and founder of Fabletics, shares that she makes collagen smoothies for her post-workout refreshments to keep her hydrated and ensure great joint and bone health.

3. Kourtney Kardashian – Has told insiders that she starts off every day with a dose of collagen, mixed into her morning water.  

4. Kelly Ripa – Star of the daytime soap opera, “All My Children” & mother of 3, says that she adds a packet of collagen peptides to her water every morning.  

5. Busy Phillips – “Dawson’s Creek” star has been known to add collagen to her morning coffee.  

Favored among celebrities, collagen is a natural way to look younger, and maintain health. 

Since this protein is an important building block in the human body that we lose as we get older, Beauty Treats is an amazing, way to boost your body’s natural collagen supply.

Here’s to feeling like a celebrity!

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