3 Ways To Naturally Increase Collagen Production

3 Ways To Naturally Increase Collagen Production


Aging and healthy eating (as well as drinking) go hand in hand. 

It might sound obvious but many of us still do not know how to eat properly. 

Eating foods containing the amino acids and nutrients that form the collagen aminoacidic chain gives your body even more fuel to support collagen synthesis and fight its natural aging.

Despite what people might usually think as collagen being formed by aminoacid and hence to be found only in protein, please be aware that whole plant foods are a great source to support a healthy and youthful nutrition.  

Whole plant foods:

  • Beans and legumes

  • nuts and seeds

  • fruits and vegetables

  • whole grains 

To get the full range of nutrients that support collagen synthesis:

  • Consume enough protein for your activity level

  • Consume a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables

  • Add hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and other high-zinc nuts and seeds to meals

Additionally, you can preserve the collagen you already have by:

  • Removing refined sugars from your diet

  • Limiting direct UV exposure

  • Avoiding smoke

Non-Gmo Collagen peptides type I and III are a natural supplement beneficial to support what your body can not absorb from nutrition only - the combination of these collagen peptides with Vitamin C is the key to increase the absorption of collagen in our tissues, and this is why our Beauty Treats are proven to be effective snacks backed by science. Try to believe.

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